AROSA River Cruises

As soon as you enter your stateroom, you will feel at home. Without a doubt! You can look forward to plenty of space and a plethora of comforts. This is the perfect place to relax after an eventful day, to reflect on the many different impressions and experiences and to look forward to tomorrow. A-ROSA has paid particular attention to design and high-quality materials on each and every cruise ship in the fleet. After all, A-ROSA knows just how important it is to spend the most valuable vacation time in an environment that leaves nothing wanting. That's why we aim to make our staterooms feel like a home. Whether in a cozy armchair or snuggled up under your duvet, whatever you're doing you'll enjoy your stay in comfortable surroundings and with a view into the richness of life along the river.

A-ROSA provides many ways to please your palate with spices and specialties of the many regions you will visit. Our cooking stations let you customize your breakfast and lunch selections, while dinner is served to order to suit your personal preference. You'll soon notice a synergy between the vibrant colors of the landscape and the delicious food on your plate with many locally grown and harvested ingredients. The summertime outdoor barbecue parties are always fun and are a culinary celebration of the easygoing lifestyle onboard A-ROSA. Optionally, you can treat yourself to a culinary delight… a five to seven course dinner with exclusive wine pairings chosen by A-ROSA's chef de cuisine.

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